Did You Know You Have Access to Free E-books? Recovering the Classics

The White Oak Library District has been a subscriber to BiblioBoard for over a year, and we want you to introduce you to all that’s available in a series of blog posts. BiblioBoard’s tagline is: Create. Share. Discover., and they have provided an array of services libraries and their patrons can use. Today we’ll start with one of their collections that’s available to anyone in Illinois for free!

Recovering the Classics is a crowdsourced collection of original covers for great works in the public domain where anyone can contribute. In this exciting module you will find a wide range of classics with original covers from contemporary artists.

As you can see from the gallery below, the book covers are different than you might remember. They have a modern flair, and it’s interesting to see what different artists’ interpretation was for each of the books. There are over 120 books currently in the collection. Che

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