Royal Reads for the Royal Wedding

I love a good Royal wedding and reading about the Royal Family—fictional or not—is a great way to feel like you’re part of the excitement. Here are four of my favorite Royal reads to get ready for the Royal Wedding!

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan: The Royal We is a fictionalized account of Will and Kate’s romance with extra drama included to make it spicier. The story features Rebecca Porter, whose life completely changes when she meets the heir to the throne, Nicolas. Rebecca quickly falls in love with Nicolas, but quickly realizes what her relationship will mean to her life. Everything she has ever known will be given up—her ambitions, friends, and private life. Will she do it?

A Princess in Theory by Alissa Cole: This exciting romance mostly revolves around STEM! Naledi Smith keeps getting spam e-mails from a royal African family saying that she is betrothed to Prince Thabiso. Naledi keeps deleting these e-mails because she knows life is no fairytale after being raised in the foster care system—she just wants to have a successful career as a scientist. When accidentally meeting a disguised Thabiso at a restaurant, Naledi’s life takes an unexpected turn. Will her dreams come true?

Prince in Disguise by Stephanie and Kate Strohm:  Dylan thought having a big sister on a reality television show was bad enough, but now she is going to be with her sister as she films her royal wedding…only Dylan’s sister isn’t marrying a prince. She’s marrying a Scottish Laird with money problems. Dylan thinks she’s going to be bored, but then she starts falling for handsome groomsman Jaime. TV producers catch wind of their romance and start angling for a storyline and Dylan doesn’t know how to deal with television cameras along the road to love.

Royals by Rachel Hawkins: Daisy Winters wants to just go to Comic Con over the summer, but instead she has to go to Scotland and help her sister get ready to marry a prince. After her ex-boyfriend posts a rumor, everyone thinks she is trying to date his younger brother, including him. Daisy will have to find how to live in a world full of royalty.

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