Teen Blog Post: Your Voice Matters #4 Drawing with Ryan

This is our first Blog post with our teens in our new series Your Voice Matters. Today we have Ryan who are talking drawing.

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We have Ryan from Romeoville


Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. I always love drawing characters from my favorite TV show, Anime, Manga, Video game. I also really love seeing the progress of my art over the years. I have been doing it a lot more this year too, because every time I put my pencil to the paper, I know I will make something I can be proud of. Being proud of your work is very important when making art, and I say just doing whatever you want is much much more fulfilling than say an art class, that restricts your freedom and makes you do certain things that you might not like. It is a good tool to learn new techniques, but in my experience often hinders more than it helps. Art class, however, made me discover my love for art, and I really am thankful for that. Doing it on my own time now, makes it a lot more enjoyable though. Having so much freedom is both scary and amazing, as when you have so much to do, you have no idea what to do, but therein lies endless possibilities as well. Art is amazing! I recommend drawing to anyone, as it can do loads of things. It may improve your lines, and just give you something relaxing and fulfilling to do with your newly found free time. Make sure you are proud of that art and take criticism in a healthy way if you decide to post it online. Your best may not be someone else’s best, but that does not matter. You and your art should be the only thing that matters when making it!

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