Teen Blog Post: Your Voice Matters #3 Conquering Laziness with Ryan

This is our first Blog post with our teens in our new series Your Voice Matters. Today we have Osvaldo and Ryan who are talking about living during the Pandemic.

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We have Ryan from Romeoville

Conquering Laziness

Laziness has always been a personal struggle of mine. Whether it be through inaction, lack of motivation, fatigue, or the fear of judgment by others, I have used laziness as an excuse for it all. Recently I have realized that just being in the mindset that you should never do anything or stick to your comfort zone is just not too true. Doing new things, challenging yourself, and being proactive is a much better way to live. Having too much free time on my hands honestly has breeded me into a very slothful person, and I want to change that. I now want to use my laziness as a strength, not wallow in it’s weakness. So I have tried to find ways to use my time wisely, and to my benefit. I found one very good way, and I would like to share it with everyone in the hopes it might help you overcome your laziness as well. There is the laziness ratio that I want to use, which is the ratio of work time: lazy time. Through some searching, the ideal time seems to be a 3:1 ratio. For example, 3 minutes of work earns you 1 minute of lazy time. Through this, you can use your free time as a motivator to finish your work, and even work harder on it seeing how there is a reward waiting for you at the end. I am actually trying this right now, as I putting this method into practice, using a stopwatch to keep track of how much time I am working. I have also applied for a job, and hope to apply this same mindset there as well. This has helped me, and I hope it helps anyone who reads this as well.

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