Teen Act of Kindness #4: The Dozen Donuts

2020 was a hard year, so we all need to do more Acts of Kindness. Did you help a sibling with school work, help your grandma with her new phone, did you do something nice for someone? Brag about it in our Virtual Volunteering Form!

Today we are joined by an anonymous teen, sharing their Act of Kindness!

One night I was closing at Jewel and wanted to do something nice for the holidays for my coworkers. So I bought a 12 count box of donuts and gave everybody one, they were so happy and thanked me. Some people even took 2 donuts which was fine because I can’t eat too many donuts anyways. But it felt good to do something for my other coworkers who are working in this sad and difficult time.

Bored at home? Why not lend us a hand! Let us know about your Act of Kindness in 2020, and have it featured on this blog! For every Act of Kindness you submit, you receive 1 hour of service time. Fill out this Google Form to submit your Act of Kindness.

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