Romancing the Stacks: Some Like it Scandalous

Welcome to Romancing the Stacks! This is a series of reviews featuring one of my favorite genres: Romance Novels! Nothing is better than curling up with a good romance. This review will explore Some Like it Scandalous by Maya Rodale.

The cover drew me in, as did the title. She looked like a Cinderella, and I am a sucker for a fairytale spin. While this book is not a Cinderella spin, it is an ugly duckling tale so still a fairytale spin. I really liked the summary of the book. First off it takes place in Manhattan. Apparently, more books are set in the Victorian Era, which I love! Secondly, the heroine was a scientist who created cosmetics. This was a new career area – in all the time I have read Victorian romances, I have never seen.  I was excited, and I love that authors like Maya Rodale are adding new additions to the Victorian Romance genre.


They are sworn enemies…

Theodore Prescott the Third, one of Manhattan’s Rogues of Millionaire Row, has really done it this time. The only way to survive his most recent, unspeakably outrageous scandal is marry someone respectable. Someone sensible. Someone like Daisy Swan. Of all the girls in Gilded Age Manhattan, it had to be her.

Pretending to be lovers…

Daisy Swan has plans, and they do not involve a loveless marriage with anyone. But when a devastating family secret threatens to destroy her standing in society, suddenly a fake engagement with Theo is just the thing to make all her dreams come true.

And now it’s time to kiss and make up…

Daisy Swan aspires to sell cosmetics that she has created, but this brainy scientist needs a smooth talking charmer’s flair for words and eye for beauty to make it a success. Before long, Daisy and Theo are trading kisses. And secrets. And discovering that despite appearances, they might be the perfect couple after all.

Book Review:

This book was such a fun read. I liked Daisy. She acted like a scientist. She had a good head on her shoulders and lots of ideas. I wish the author went a little more into Daisy’s studies and explained the process of making the cosmetics, but I understand that it could get quite cumbersome to other readers.

I love how Daisy and Theo suited each other. They brought out the best in each other. I loved their romance and how it went from bickering rivals, to teasing friendship, to lovers. It all felt like a realistic relationship. I do wish they included Daisy’s father more in the story as he did play a major role in the story, but he was never introduced to the reader. I also question Daisy’s so called supportive friends as when she introduced her products or asked for word of mouth they were not so supportive. They would use the products, but not talk about them. My only reasoning for that choice by the author is that she was trying to represent how at the time women were reluctant to talk about such things.

This book was a fun read, and I would recommend. I liked it so much I have placed the first book in the series on hold. This is only the second novel written by the author, and I see myself indulging in more of her books in the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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