Forget about it?

This time of year has me thinking of New Years Resolutions. Instead of the usual “I’m going to exercise more, lose weight and get into those old size 8 jeans”, maybe I will try something new this year. What I really need to do is keep track of my things better. It is easy to see how I can lose a mitten or glove, they fall out of my pocket unnoticed. But socks? How can I lose so many socks? I hate it when I lose an earring. It’s always one of my favorites. Then there is the decision about how long to hold on to the lone survivor. Maybe my resolution needs to include something about learning how to let go.

It is always surprising how many things get left behind at the library. We have one large box just filled with coats, jackets, sweaters and other assorted clothing items. Once I found a pair of woman’s panties in the stacks of my old library. We have nothing quite so racy here. But we do have not one but two hearing aids. A bin full of charging cords. That one is not so much of a surprise. People do forget their phones, but they always come back for those. You would think the same would apply to wallets, but not so much. We do make an effort to call about a wallet if we can track down a telephone number, but we still have had several that went unclaimed. Glasses seem to be the most forgotten item. We have a separate container just for them. Then there are flash drives, assorted children’s toys and empty change purses.

We keep everything of course, at least for several months. Some things, like the hearing aids I will keep for much longer. It just seems wrong not to keep something that expensive. Eventually we will donate the outerwear to someone collecting coats, and the glasses to the Lions Club. We will shred the important papers left in the scanner if no one returns to claim them. I hate shredding pictures. It makes me sad to think of someone missing the photograph of their loved ones.

If you think you might have left something at the library, give us a call or come by. We would love to reunite items from our Lost and Found with their owners. For myself, I am going to do my best to make 2019 a year for remembering.

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