Snow Day! What will you do?

Our recent snow storm got me reminiscing about snow days past. Building snow men and snow forts with my sister. Taking my kids to the local hill for a day of sledding. Skating at the frozen field in the park. Getting out the craft supplies and glitter and getting creative. Baking. Anything with Chocolate.

Nowadays, snow days mean bundling up with a cozy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and a good book. I suppose some would rather binge watch Game of Thrones. Talking the kids into turning off their devices and playing an old fashioned board game is always a challenge, but one worth taking. Did you know that you can check out board games from the library? We keep most of our games in the Teen Room at the Crest Hill Branch.

To help you get ready for the cold, snowy days of winter, we are featuring a Winter Check Out Challenge basket that is full of things to get you through a snow day. A cozy blanket, a good game, cookies and cocoa. You already have the books – from the library of course.  And for those days when cabin fever drives  you to get out of the house, there will be a $25 Cinemark gift card.

If you are interested in what the Crest Hill Branch staff did with their recent snow days, read below.

Getting ready for the Holiday season seemed to be a theme for the staff on their unexpected day off.

  • Our Branch Manager Amy Byrne finished replacing the back splash in her kitchen, just in time to host Christmas for her extended family.
  • Colleen, our Adult & Teen Services Supervisor put up her holiday decorations- after shoveling her driveway! She also admits to binge watching Supernatural for about the millionth time.
  • Brittany, our Children’s Services Supervisor got in the spirit by binge watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.
  • Adult Services Librarian Faith spent time watching the Holiday Baking Championship, hoping for some inspiration. She also took her puppy to an indoor dog park, because for some reason this year Lena has decided she hates the snow.
  • And I got out my beloved Spode Christmas Tree dishes. It is always the signal to my family that the Holiday season has begun.

Sure, we did have some staff who spent the day reading, but then we do work in a library.

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