13 Reasons to Listen to I’ll Be Your Girl by The Decemberists

Whether you are a long time fan or have never heard of the Portland based indie rock band The Decemberists, there are plenty of reasons to take a chance on their eighth and most recent release.
First and foremost, there are few better at crafting a song than Colin Meloy. From the earliest days of the band, the need to tell a compelling story, along with an apparent love of words, shine through all of his work.

Then there is the music. While it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the words and not notice the musical talent on display,  with this newest collection, the instruments are front and center. From Jenny Conlee’s synthesizers and boards to John Moen’s pounding percussion, the sound on I’ll Be Your Girl is full and dense.

Here, The Decemberists display a deft hand at managing to evolve their sound while maintaining a connection to their roots. I’ll Be Your Girl is rooted more in the present than much of their previous music. It strikes one as reflective of the current mood of our country, from the bouncy song Everything is Awful to Severed, a searing commentary about a charismatic leader. Sucker’s Prayer , Star Watcher and We All Die Young speak to the futility some are feeling in response to the events unfolding around us. And finally, the title song evokes the “Me Too Movement” , as Meloy sings “I could be your man, but I’ll be that much more”

That might not add up to 13 reasons, but it should be enough to encourage you to  go check out I’ll Be Your Girl and decide for yourself what the rest of the reasons might be.

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