Teen Blog Post: Your Voice Matters #5 Why I Love: Kingdom Hearts with Ryan

This is our first Blog post with our teens in our new series Your Voice Matters. Today we have Ryan who are the video game Kingdom Hearts

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We have Ryan from Romeoville

Why I Love: Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game/manga series of all time for a lot of reasons. If you don’t know what it is, KH is a series revolving around 3 kids. Sora, Riku, and Kairi live on an island isolated from other worlds, and they decide to leave their island in search for new adventure and new worlds. However, this goes awry and darkness consumes their island, leaving Sora lost in worlds he does not know, Riku is also lost, and Kairi is nowhere to be found. Well it turns out, these worlds he explores are both original and disney movies that you know and love! All sorts of films are represented, from classics like the Lion King, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, to the oddballs like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Lilo and Stitch. Disney characters from these movies and the classic ones like Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy also appear as well. Not only that, but many cameos from Final Fantasy characters, another rpg series like KH, appear as well. The gameplay of the series is action focused, with rpg elements like leveling up and gaining new skills and upgrading equipment. Sora gets a magical weapon called the keyblade, and uses it to stop the darkness that consumed his home and find his friends. Donald and Goofy assist Sora in his mission, and follow him to achieve their own, which is finding out where Mickey is. This series gameplay and characters are amazing, and the phenomenal music is definitely a plus as well. It really hits hard during sad scenes, pumps you up for epic boss fights, and also can calm you down when your feeling stressed. It has so much range and versatility to it. KH also presents good lessons and morals that can really help you out in life, or just give you a smile when your feeling down. I highly recommend anyone try it out, especially if your a big Disney fan.

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