Teen Act of Kindness #8: The Spilled Ice

2020 a hard year, so we all need to do more Acts of Kindness. Did you help a sibling with school work, help your grandma with her new phone, did you do something nice for someone? Brag about it in our Virtual Volunteering Form!

Today we are joined by an anonymous teen, sharing their Act of Kindness!

At Jewel somebody dropped their big bag of ice, and it spilled everywhere. I immediately went up to them and told them not to worry about that and got them a new bag of ice. I then proceeded to mop up the water and scoop the rest of the ice back in the bag and allowed it to dry off by closing the lane. It was the holiday season, and I know if that happened to me I wouldn’t want to be in that situation any less than they do so I tried to be as helpful as I could. They tried telling me that they’ll pay for the bag, but I insisted that they can just pay for a new one. They thanked me and even said my name which is not usual, but nonetheless I always enjoy helping people and making their days.

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