Teen Blog Post: Your Voice Matters #1 Pandemic Life for Teens by Osvaldo & Ryan

This is our first blog post with our teens in our new series Your Voice Matters. Today we have Osvaldo and Ryan who write about living during the Pandemic.

If you are a teen who would like to receive community services hours for writing about issues that matter to you please click this link

Being a Teenager During a Pandemic
This whole coronavirus pandemic has been extremely hard on everyone. As a teenager who was about to start driver’s education before the quarantine and social distancing started, I felt as if my wings had been clipped just as I was about to get a taste of driving. However, I have managed to keep myself busy helping around the house. Yes, I know that it might sound lame but trust me, it helped me keep sane. On top of the remote learning (which was hard on every kid that I know), I helped with chores around the house like cutting the lawn, walking the dog and even helped paint. I also worked out by walking or running on the treadmill. Like most teens, I also am guilty of watching television and also playing video games. But I definitely think that having a schedule and routine helped me survive so far. Written by Osvaldo from Crest Hill, IL

Quarantine Activities
Quarantine has given us many things. Maybe hard times, maybe free time, or maybe an excuse to do something you have always wanted to do. For me, it has provided me with much time to do things I did not have as much time to do before. Things like drawing, watching a show I wanted to, exercising more, and playing some games I have not been able to, or just relaxing and chilling to some music. I especially love going outside and going for a walk/run, because it helps clear my head, get motivated for other things I will do during the day, helps me stay in shape, and gives me time to reflect as well. We all need breaks from things, and any one of these hobbies could provide you with such. So use this as an opportunity to do something you always wanted to but never could with school or work! Take up drawing, gardening, watch a show you always wanted to, read a book, or make your own! Good luck! Written by Ryan from Romeoville, IL


  1. Pat Carroll February 26, 2021 at 6:14 am

    Hi Cindy,
    I am a Friend of the Library, over-seeing the Crest Hill Library “Book Nook” and I am very excited for your Blog site. I have put out many YA books in the past years only to have many “sit” and not “move”. Would you mind if I followed your blog to follow the interests of the teens of today? That would be so helpful. Than you! Pat

    1. Amy Byrne February 26, 2021 at 9:03 am

      Hi Pat,

      We’re glad you like our blog! Yes, please follow White Oak Blogs, and tell your family and friends about it.

      Amy Byrne

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