Romancing the Stacks: How to Marry A Highlander

Welcome to Romancing the Stacks. This is a series of reviews featuring one of my favorite genres: Romance Novels! Nothing is better than curling up with a good romance. This review will explore How to Marry A Highlander by Michele Sinclair.

I picked this book as I was in a Highlander romance mood. The summary sounded fun and I liked the cover. I really want that dress the model is wearing. Or at least a dress in that shade of purple. This is a series, but I was unaware until I read the book despite the cover making it obvious with the series name right there.


A battle-hardened soldier, he is bound to the McTiernay brothers by a loyalty as strong as blood. But no woman in all of Scotland has been able to lay claim to his heart . . .

A commander in the McTiernay clan, Dugan is known far and wide for his skills with a sword—and his skills in seduction. His rugged countenance and arrogant swagger are a lethal combination for the women who try to tame him and fail. Until a mysterious firebrand tempts him with her wicked ways . . .

All Adanel MackBaythe knows about her Highland lover is that he is a McTiernay soldier—and a means of escaping her cruel father. But Dugan is a not a man to be toyed with. His distrust of Adanel’s motives will put a distance between them that can’t be breached. Yet when their secret trysts are discovered—sparking a war between clans—a lust for vengeance will drive Dugan back into her arms, where he will embark on his greatest battle: for her heart .

Book Review:

I would read this book series in order. I was so lost with all the characters and who was who. I will say this book made me interest in reading the others. I liked the other heroines. Each had her own personality and traits that contributed to this story and made me want to read theirs. I was not a fan of this books heroine and hero. Dugan came to a decision about Adanel without even talking to her. He thought she was sent to seduce him and learn about his clan and just stopped coming to meet her. Adanel was frustrating because she was selfish. All she cared about was escaping her cruel father and brother. Later when it is decided she and Dugan will rule after her father is killed, she knows next to nothing about her own people. I understand Adanel was just a daughter, but it would have been nice if she was useful. Imagine if instead of planning her own escape she was actually planning to over throw her father. That would have been a much more interesting character to me. I did enjoy how Adanel was pregnant and when Dugan demand she marry him do to it, she through a pillow at him that she had hidden under her dress. Parts of the relationship such as their bantering back and forth was extremely enjoyable, but I was not as invested. I did enjoy the side characters such as Adanel’s large bodyguard who turned out to be a matchmaker and prankster. I hope he gets his own book. I recommend the series if you love highlander tales.

The McTiernays:

  1. The Highlander’s Bride
  2. To Wed a Highlander
  3. Desiring the Highlander
  4. Tempting the Highlander
  5. Seducing the Highlander
  6. Never Kiss a Highlander
  7. The Most Eligible Highlander in Scotland
  8. How to Marry A Highlander


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