Romancing The Stacks: The Wrong Highlander

Welcome to Romancing the Stacks. This is a series of reviews featuring one of my favorite genres: Romance Novels! Nothing is better than curling up with a good romance. This review will explore The Wrong Highlander by Lynsay Sands.

I picked this book up for the cover and title. That is a great cover with a great looking highlander bathing in a waterfall. Also I am just in a Highlander Romance mood lately. A majority of books on my nightstand are about Highlanders right now. I love going through phases of Victorian, Highlander, Modern Day, Paranormal, YA and other romances. It tends to pass and pick up again depending on my mood. This book is seventh in a series, but I didn’t know that until I started reading. I feel like romance novels should put numbers on the spine of the books to help romance readers actually read books in order.


Lady Evina Maclean has heard much about Rory Buchanan’s skill as a healer. What she hasn’t heard is how good the brawny Highlander looks bathing in a waterfall. But Evina can’t afford the distraction, for her ailing father urgently needs care. Only when she’s rendered Buchanan unconscious and dragged him back to her family’s castle does the truth emerge—it’s not Rory she’s kidnapped but his brother Conran.

Other ladies try to ensnare Conran with flattery. Evina hits him over the head with the hilt of her sword to save her kin—and Conran likes the spirited redhead all the more for it. He’s learned enough from his brother to heal Evina’s father, but there are other dangers swirling around the Maclean clan. And while the beautiful, independent lady has sworn not to marry, this wrong Highlander may be just the right man for her.

Book Review:

I liked this book. I like Conran as the male lead. He was charming, handsome, but humble. Where his brother specialize in one field, he is a jack of trades, good at all, but great at none. He doesn’t tell the truth about the kidnap blunder right away as it would do no use, but I think he took too long to tell Evina. He didn’t tell her his real name until her father offer her in marriage using his brother’s name. Once the father was out of the woods, he should have come clean. I am not a fan of Evina. She was not awful or anything, it is just there was no character. Evina liked to do things like a man such as wear a sword and other things and that is her character. She doesn’t want to marry due to the obey part. Coran has a sister who is like a carbon copy of Evina. Both wear swords, both fight with men, both ride astride, and other similarities Not one thing separated these two characters. Evina could have been secretly into pretty dresses, could have preferred a bow to a sword, could have love painting, have a interest in herbs, or anything. Evina was just a girl and that makes it hard for me to care about her. Also Evina was married when ten, but don’t worry her husband, if he had not died, could not take her to the marital bed until she was twelve. I know this was a thing in the past, but it seemed like her family loved her so I am not sure why they did that to her. Also her husband and mother died in a stupid way that took me out of the book. Her husband was trying to catch a fish to make her eat raw to punish her for not obeying him when he told her to eat a worm. He fell in and the mother died trying to save him. That is the dumbest death ever. It feels so cartoony and didn’t fit the tone of the book. There was a mystery element in it that was disappointing. I might check out more of the series in the future. I did like some of the brothers. I would recommend reading this series in order, there were a few inside jokes maybe that I didn’t get due to this being the seventh book.

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