Romancing the Stacks: The Lady is Daring

Welcome to Romancing the Stacks. This is a series of reviews featuring one of my favorite genres: Romance Novels! Nothing is better than curling up with a good romance. This review will explore The Lady is Daring by Megan Frampton.

I was browsing the shelf when this book caught my eye. I liked the name of the title as it implied that the heroine would be something more daring than the typical heroines in these historical romance. This book is another third in the series. Three just seems to be my lucky number. (If you have read any of my last reviews you will know how I tend to pick the third of a series to read). The first two in this series did not interest me. The summaries just made me roll my eyes, so again I start with the third in a Series.


Five well-bred sisters, one sensational scandal. Now the Duke of Marymount’s daughter Ida is about to find love in the most unconventional way…

It was easy for society to overlook Lady Ida Howlett; they found her bookish, opinionated, and off the marriage mart. But little did they know that behind a calm exterior beats the heart of an adventuress, one who, determined to discover her runaway sister’s whereabouts, steals a carriage and sets off on a daring mission. Then she discovers she’s not alone! Bennett, Lord Carson, is inside, and he refuses to leave.

Lord Carson’s plans had always been to find a soft, gentle wife who would run his home and raise his children. Still, he makes a bargain with Ida—he won’t desert her during her mad adventure. He’ll make sure she’s safe, and then find a suitable lady to fall in love with. But when rules (and garments) become discarded during this long, intimate journey, it’s soon clear that this surprisingly daring lady is the woman he’s needed all along.

Book Review:

I will say that the summary of this book is entirely misleading. I thought that Ida would be the heroine who on purpose speaks of boring topics to prevent marriage as she secretly wants adventure, but that is not the case. Ida wishes to dance and talk to others but is just to nervous to so she accidentally speaks gibberish. She longs to be a part of society but finds that she is just not capable. This type of heroine annoys me. I tend to avoid books about heroines who long to be accepted by society but are set in their strange ways. It was so annoying when Ida was talking to pillars and wondering if she can marry pillars. If Ida was painted as a fanciful, head in the clouds, heroine that kind of behavior would have made sense, but she painted as a sensible, knowledgeable heroine who learned Latin. This book promised a daring heroine, but that is not what it delivered. I thought it might pick up when Ida stole the carriage, but the adventure to find her missing sister was a snooze. It was just hopping from town to town, staying at inns and kissing Lord Carson. There carriage literally gets stolen and their response is to walk. There was a mysterious women who helped the missing sister and that story was interesting, but that is all that was told about her. I desperately wanted more information about that women to make the story any bit interesting. I would have rated this book higher if the summary had not deceived me about the heroine. It is a solid enough romance. I just did not like Ida. Lord Carlton was okay. He was the usually responsible brother who carried his father’s burdens. I didn’t like him at first as he did whatever his father said, but he was okay once he stood up to his father.

The Duke’s Daughters

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