Top 5 Reasons To Get a Museum Pass

Public libraries aren’t just about books anymore. With all of the many programs and crafts that are offered at the White Oak Public Library District, it really isn’t that strange of a concept. But one thing that the library has to offer, that also seems to be flying under the radar, is our participation in the Museum Adventure Pass Program. Essentially, you can check out a pass from the library that lasts about a week. But why get the pass? Well, here is a list of five reasons that will totally make you want this pass:

  1. Super easy to get a hold of

Let’s just get this one out there. All you need to do is go to the circulation desk at your White Oak Library with your library card and they can get you all set up from there. And if you don’t have a library card, they can also help get you one. For free. And the pass is free too. It’s all free. Who doesn’t like free?

  1. You can go to Brookfield Zoo. And some other great places. (But I really like the zoo)

I love the zoo. I know there are times that you stand outside the lion enclosure only to have them sleep the entire time, but then you realize that you are standing yards away from a flipping lion in the south suburbs of Chicago. And that is awesome. But the pass doesn’t just offer you access to the zoo (but that is a pretty solid perk). There are a bunch of places around the Chicagoland area that are participating in the program, offering a wide variety of activities and sights that the family can enjoy.

  1. Opens up the idea of what a museum could be and lets children (and their parents) explore

The word “museum” means different things to different people, but it usually has to do with some kind of building. And while that may often be the case, the museum pass allows patrons to get beyond that, exploring and learning in environments that don’t conjure up memories of field trips to the same exhibit five years in a row (all ending with getting back to school early and still having to be in class). Places like Cantigny and Chicago Botanical Garden gets kids (and their parents) outside and exploring nature while stumbling upon a WWI tank that they can climb on and learn about. Maybe you still like wide open spaces but feel like it’s too hot outside? Look across the universe at the Cernan Earth and Space Center at Triton College. Or learn how some of the first settlers in the area lived back in “Ye Olde Time” at the Naper Settlement.  

  1. Great way to learn about local history

Taking the time to think for one minute that staples like the I&M canal and Lewis University are all relatively “new” in the area is really interesting (to me at least). And the museum pass can let you see what living in the area was like before there was Chicago or even The State of Illinois. There is a rich history around this area and the museum pass allows all patrons to explore anything from settler times to the establishment of the McCormick family at Cantigny Park and how Illinois became a railroad powerhouse at the Illinois Railway Museum. There is a vast history out there and everyone is entitled to go out and explore it. 

  1. It makes summertime easy and fit within the budget

Planning a vacation can be expensive. Very expensive. And the price of a vacation shouldn’t cost a family a great summer. Or even a weekend. Getting a museum pass has a ton of deals to make going out and enjoying the ensuing summertime weather (and time for the kids from school) without breaking the bank. Many of the deals are free entry or buy one get one/two/three free. The deal that the pass offers for Cantigny is based on the vehicle load. And while the entrance to all of these museums or parks are discounted or straight up free, many also offer discounts on souvenirs from the stores. Here is a list of all of the deals that the pass can get you and which museums within the area are participating.

So, after all of that, how can you not get a pass?

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