Libby Is Where It’s App!

Are you looking for something to download to your phone, tablet, or eReader? The Libby App offers instant access to White Oak Library District’s collection of thousands of eBooks and audiobooks. Libby is user-friendly! You can easily send a book to your e-reader, if that’s where you’d like to read, instead of on your phone or tablet. You only have to login once with your library card and the steps to creating your account are so easy you will be up and ready in minutes. Want to try it now? Follow the directions below!

Step 1 – Download the app from your device’s app store If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac go to the App Store

Apple App Store

If you have an Android device go to the App Store on Google Play

Google Play Store

If you are using Windows 10+ go to the Windows Store

Windows App Store

Step 2 – Open the app. Click YES to having a library card, if you don’t click here to find out where you can! It only takes 5 minutes. Once you have a library card you can use it at any public library in Illinois!

Step 3 – Type in Pinnacle, or your zip code, and the library collection will come up. Choose Pinnacle Consortium District.

Step 4 – Enter your Library Card number

Step 5 – Enjoy!

For more information from the library go to the White Oak Library District’s website, email Ask A Librarian or call 815-552-4280

For help from Libby and Overdrive go to Libby Help.

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